Sunil K is Principal Consultant and CEO of Dhruvsoft

Sunil K is Principal Consultant and CEO of Dhruvsoft. Sunil blogs regularly on Cloud Computing and Technology.

Why Projects Fail – Top 5 lessons Projects can fail! Yes, irrespective of whether, they are small simple projects or large complex Salesforce CRM projects – they can fail if precautionary measures are not taken before and during implementation. Invariably we blame system (i.e. and not how it was implemented. It is surprising, that despite being such a flexible and exhaustive tool – we hear stories of Salesforce projects not being successful.

Why projects Fail

At Dhruvsoft we had privilage of working with several clients, where we not only helped them nail the reasons for failure of their projects; we also helped them turn around. Based on our experience with such projects, in this post we have identified Top 5 reasons for failure of Projects. [Read more…] launches – Salesforce Einstein – Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Cloud has unveiled its offering in Artificial Intelligence (AI) space – Salesforce Einstein. With Einstein – Salesforce adds remarkable AI features to its flagship products – Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. The best part is Salesforce Einstein can be used by anyone in the organization as platform is customizable using both code or clicks.

In a world of interconnected things  – PCs, Mobiles, cars, refrigerators, aircraft engines – offered Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud in last year’s Dreamforce. With IoT resulting in vast amount of data – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the natural extension of Salesforce platform. [Read more…]

How to build a lean and effective CRM Consulting Practice

How to build a Lean and effective CRM Consulting PracticeIf you are in the process of setting up a new CRM consulting practice or business then this article has few takeaways for you. Having worked with some of the CRM consulting startups – helping them manage their non customer facing processes – we have come up with our recommendations for building an effective CRM consulting practice. We have helped many of our clients grow from a “Single person” consulting business and transform into a “Multi location, Multiple Consultant team” practice within a short period. [Read more…]

Evaluate if your ORG is ready for Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning Limitations Spring Lightning User Interface has been lauched two releases ago. Lightning Experience is the new modern UI of with some new features that are only available in Lightning. Many of the items that were not available in initial release are now available. However there are still some feature that are not available in Lightning UI and may pose a speedbreaker if your company is considering moving to the Lightning User Interface. This post is targetted for administrators and may contain some technical terms that an end user may find difficult to understand. [Read more…]

What to consider before submitting your app for Security Review Security Review PassedThis article is for you if you are a new ISV vendor or you are new to Security Review process. If you are planning to submit your app for security review – here are few items that you must consider before submitting your app. Security Review is the process of assessing your application’s security before it is listed on Appexchange. Appexchange is prestigious Business to Business marketplace of where over 2000 apps are listed. Security review is done by Security review team. Think of security review as an additional benefit – with your app getting certified for Appexchange. Security review helps companies sell to enterprises by meeting their expectations of security. [Read more…]

What to look for in an offshore partner for your Salesforce Consulting Business?

What to look for in an offshore partner for your Salesforce Consulting Business?If you have a consulting business – you may be interested in working with an offshore partner. The reasons could be taking the advantage of low costs in offshore markets or having an expert team to quickly work on your projects or it could be that you want a partner to take care of development / programmatic customizations while you focus on client engagement. Whatever is your reason – in this post we will be exploring some of the qualifications you should look for in an offshore partner before you select one.

With being a popular product suite there are many offshore companies that have become partner. On Appexchange alone there are over 700 consulting partners listed. In India (one of popular offshore destination) there are over 50 consultants. In addition to this there may be many companies that offer services but are not a registerd partner. Considering the large base of consulting companies it makes sense to evaluate the offshore partner carefully and methodically. [Read more…]

25 Habits of Great Developers

Habits of Great DevelopersWant to become a “Great” Developer? One does not become a successful App developer just by training or mere experience. Many of our clients for whom we are developing the Appexchange Apps ask – “We want a Great Developer”. What makes a developer great? and other developer not so great. From our experience of over 100 person years of development we realized that to be successful or a great developer you have to learn from the best practices – and developers are no exception.

There are some best practice habits that we have seen in all successful developers. In this post we will be listing these habits that make a developer – “Great” developer.

[Read more…]

7 Coolest Lightning Features of Sales Cloud in Spring 16 spring 16 Lightening features

Just watched the Release Readiness Live webcast of for Spring 16. Andy Kung, Meredith Brown, Kayvaan Ghassemieh, Marcus Torres from the Sales Cloud Products Team have given a great preview of what cool features are going to come in Spring 16.

The focus obviously is on Lightning and that is where most of the cool things are happening. In this post we are summing up some of the coolest features to be released in Sales Cloud on Lightening in Spring 16 release. [Read more…]

Seven Reasons to Migrate Your App to Platform

Why move your legacy application to / AppexchangeIf you are an application vendor and you already have an app on legacy technologies and you are looking forward to migrate you app to (or platform – here are 7 reasons that can help you make your decision faster. [Read more…]

Marketing Campaigns & Lead Generation

Marketing Campaigns

Tips for successful Marketing Campaigns & Lead Generation

In this post we will be focussing on Marketing Campaigns & Lead Generation. This is part of series of posts on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) providing you best practices and tips to get the best out of your CRM initiative.

What are Marketing Campaigns?

Marketing Campaigns are initiatives that generate leads or prospects for your business. The Marketing Campaigns can be Inbound or Outbound. [Read more…]