Introduction to Salesforce Lightning Scheduler

Lightning Scheduler : In this article we are giving an overview of Lightning Scheduler. We will be discussing its features, its pros and cons and its differences with Field Service Lightning.

Introduction to Salesforce Lightning Scheduler

What is Salesforce Lightning Scheduler?

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler helps your customers and prospects in scheduling appointments with right person in organization at the right time and location. You can use Lightning Scheduler to quickly set up appointments within standard objects like leads, opportunities, and accounts. With the help of Lightning Scheduler we can assign resources more efficiently and customer needs can be met more accurately.

Capabilities of Salesforce Lightning Scheduler

With Salesforce Lightning Scheduler you can –

  1. Maintain employees information including their skills, locations, and availability
  2. Create your company locations and hours of operation
  3. Setup appointment context – business activity for which you will be setting up the appointments
  4. Match the employees with right skills for appointment evaluating their skills, expertise etc.
  5. The scheduler will schedule appointments and add relevant attendees.
  6. We can use Lightning Scheduler within Salesforce workflows and processes.

Field Service Lightning v/s Lightning Scheduler

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler has similar features to Field service Lightning. However they are not same. While Salesforce Lightning Scheduler only focuses on scheduling a person, Field service lightning can schedule other resources as well. Field service Lightning has more advanced scheduling features with the use case in Field service.

Get Salesforce Lightning Scheduler

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler is available as an add on product with
Enterprise and Unlimited editions of Salesforce. Lightning Scheduler is only available with Lightning Experience of Salesforce. Scheduler is not available with licenses.

Contact us if you need to buy this add on.

Salesforce lightning scheduler pricing

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler is available as an add on license. You will have to buy as many licenses as the users that will be scheduled resources.

Contact us for pricing of Salesforce Lightning Scheduler.


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