.CO domain for just Rs. 550 (Offer till 19 Feb 2011)

.CO domain at very low ratesWe are offering .CO domain at very low cost INR 550 (approx $12) at our partner website for domain registration and web hosting www.dhruvsoftonline.com. This is short term select offer where you get a huge discount of 56% over the normal rate INR 1250 (or approx USD 25). Rush and avail this offer till it is available. There is no restriction on number of domains you can buy. [Read more…]

Low Cost .CN.COM domain and .MOBI Domains – Lowest Ever Prices

.CN.COM Domain Registration at low costWe are now offering very low Cost .CN.COM domain and .MOBI Domains. Lowest Ever Prices are here for the registration of .CN.COM domains and .MOBI Domain.

.MOBI Domain RegistrationOur Hot Deals are on popular .CN.COM domain name and .MOBI domain names. Our best offer ever includes .CN.COM for just INR 950 with the Mega saving of INR 4550 over rack rate Rs. 5500. And .MOBI Domain for just INR 650where buyers can save INR 300 over rack rate Rs. 950. [Read more…]

Best Website Builder to create website now with email free website builder

Best Website Builder plans to create website for your business in easy steps has been launched by Dhruv Soft. Our Website Builder service plans comes with free business email id now. The Website Builder service plans include do it yourself tools to create a website yourself without any knowledge of web programming.

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Web hosting Windows – Worry free windows hosting plans

Web hosting Windows plans from Dhruvsoft are actually worry free windows hosting plans. The low cost Windows Hosting Plans were launched by Dhruvsoft – keeping in mind our committment to give you best products and services. Our low cost worry free Windows Hosting plans start from just Rs. 90/- per month and are placed much better in comparison to competition when it comes to web space, data transfer and web space. Here are some highlights of these attractive low cost Windows web hosting plans:

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Business email id – Affordable Business mail from Dhruv Soft

Business email id plans launched in India are affordable Business mail or business emails service from Dhruv Soft. Dhruvsoft has launched Email Hosting Plans with large 2 GB mailbox size with world class features and attractive plans.

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Low-cost Linux Hosting Plans launched

Low-cost Linux Hosting Plans were launched by Dhruvsoft – keeping in mind our commitment to give you the best products and services. Our lox cost Linux Hosting plans start from just Rs. 80/- per month and are placed much better in comparison to the competition when it comes to web space, data transfer and web space. Here are some highlights of these attractive low-cost Linux web hosting plans: [Read more…]

Book your domain name as YOURCOMPANY.CO – .CO Domain Landrush

.CO domain.CO is the new domain being launched which is currently under ‘Landrush period’ till 16th July 2010. During the Landrush period, anyone who is interested in securing a short and memorable Domain name of high commercial value will have the opportunity to submit an application before General Availability begins. [Read more…]

How to get IT benefits without IT hassles

Wnat to know how to get IT benefits without hassles of IT management? As a business, you want to focus on improving your website and marketing initiatives but you always do not want to enter into managing IT hassles. So now you can leave the IT part to us.

Try Google Apps Standard Edition, which is a suite of free, easy-to-use online messaging (email, calendar, contact) and collaboration (sites, documents, wave) tools for businesses, or any type of group. It’s all hosted by Google so there’s no hardware or software to install. [Read more…]

Google Web Hosting

Google Web Hosting for small business – In Hyderabad, India, our office gets regular inquiries about moving website to Google Web Hosting. Customers are facing issues with traditional hosts – especially the virus attacks on sites and subsequent virus and malaware warning by Google for visitors. Since such warning is issued by Google they tend to think that Google Web Hosting will be more safe and secure. They normally mistake Google Apps and Google Sites for Google Web Hosting and ask for Google Web Hosting Free and Google Web Hosting Plans to our sales staff. [Read more…]

Is distance / travel constraints stopping you from achieving better business results?

Are you happy with the with the way you are using technology to counter distance and travel constraints? Is distance or travel constraints stop your employees from achieving better business or sales results? Consider answering following six common issues business face today:

(1) Your employees spend too much time traveling for too small a business?
(2) Your organization miss a lot of opportunities as your sales team or employees are engaged elsewhere or they are traveling?
(3) Your customers complain that your sales team is not responding in time?
(4) Your sales team complains that they do not have tools or technology for catering to all the leads that they are getting?
(5) Your organization wastes a lot of money on Video conference or costly web conference solutions?
(6) Your employees are traveling for training when they can use technology to attend trainings?

If your answer to two or more of above questions is YES – your business  technology  is outdated and is stopping your employees from performing.

Now you can connect with customers and colleagues through real-time meetings, training sessions, and events using only a PC with an Internet connection. [Read more…]