.CO domain for just Rs. 550 (Offer till 19 Feb 2011)

.CO domain at very low ratesWe are offering .CO domain at very low cost INR 550 (approx $12) at our partner website for domain registration and web hosting www.dhruvsoftonline.com. This is short term select offer where you get a huge discount of 56% over the normal rate INR 1250 (or approx USD 25). Rush and avail this offer till it is available. There is no restriction on number of domains you can buy.

What is .CO offer?

Here are the offer details

.CO Domain for just INR 550 OR approx USD 12 (Save 56% over regular rate of INR 1250)

Only valid till February 19 2011

  • This Promo is applicable to the first year of Registration only.
  • Renewals and Transfer-Ins will not attract this Promo Pricing.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of Domains that can be Registered during this period.
  • This special price of  INR550  per .CO Domain is valid till 19th February.

  • Why register .CO domain?

    .CO is the new domain launched in 2010 and has caught the frenzy in the web world with its similarity to .COM domains. .CO domain is new so anyone interested in registering domain names of high commercial value or those who want to secure their company brand name being grabbed by domain squatters – can immediately go for a .CO domain name. Some of the .CO  domain name are already giving a return of over 500% and are being quoted for $5000 or more on the domain auction websites.

    How to buy .CO domain?

    You can secure your .CO domain during this offer period for just INR 550 (offer lasts only till 19 February 2011). This is one of the best rate in the industry for .CO as on date.

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