Digitization vs Digitalization vs Digital Transformation

Digitization and digitalization have become popular buzzwords since the beginning of the digital age. In recent times, the term “digital transformation” has also gained popularity within business and technology circles. Although they are frequently mistaken for being different names for the same thing, they are three distinct technology concepts with various business applications. Let’s explore each one of them in this article.

Digitization vs Digitalization vs Digital Transformation
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Using Google Docs for Small Business CRM

More and more small businesses are beginning to implement customer relationship management (CRM) software. It is an extremely useful tool for managing customer interactions and tracking sales prospects. In this article we will be discussion about how we can use Google Docs for Small Business CRM?

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Mass Transfer of documents to another user in Google Docs?

Want to Mass Transfer of documents to another user in Google Docs? This was a common question asked by many customers  and prospects – and it is a genuine need to transfer all the documents to another person if the employee is leaving the organization.

Today Google has launched a new feature where administrators can transfer all the documents of one user to any other user. [Read more…]

POP3 with Microsoft Online Services

If you are using Microsoft Online Services and for any user if you want to enable POP3 to access emails (for wxample in case they are using any mail client other than Microsoft Outlook) – you will find difficult to move. By default in Microsoft Online Services both in Exchange Online Standard and BPOS – the POP 3 is disabled. [Read more…]

Google Apps Scripts to automate workflow in Google Sites

Earlier this week Google has released the new feature where you can use Google Apps Scripts to automate workflow in Google Sites. This is a step further in giving more power to Google Sites – which till now had only informational use. With the introduction of this new feature of using Google Apps Scripts in Google Sites – this will make Google Sites more powerful and popular with developers. [Read more…]

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How to get IT benefits without IT hassles

Wnat to know how to get IT benefits without hassles of IT management? As a business, you want to focus on improving your website and marketing initiatives but you always do not want to enter into managing IT hassles. So now you can leave the IT part to us.

Try Google Apps Standard Edition, which is a suite of free, easy-to-use online messaging (email, calendar, contact) and collaboration (sites, documents, wave) tools for businesses, or any type of group. It’s all hosted by Google so there’s no hardware or software to install. [Read more…]