POP3 with Microsoft Online Services

If you are using Microsoft Online Services and for any user if you want to enable POP3 to access emails (for wxample in case they are using any mail client other than Microsoft Outlook) – you will find difficult to move. By default in Microsoft Online Services both in Exchange Online Standard and BPOS – the POP 3 is disabled.

How to enable POP3 with Microsoft Online Services / BPOS?

To enable you have to either raise a Service request with Microsoft or you can use Powershell to make the changes yourself. Using Powershell will require admin credentials. Here are some simple Powershell commands to enable the POP3 in Microsoft Online Services

Enable POP using Powershell

Get the admin credentials

$AdminCreds = Get-Credential

To enable POP 3

Enable-MSOnlinePOPAccess -Identity [-Quite] -Credential

Here replace the full email id of your user in place of .

To disable POP 3

Disable-MSOnlinePOPAccess -Identity [-Quite] -Credential

POP3 access was one of the common need which can now be addressed without contacting Microsoft Online Support.

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