Salesforce Genie – Customer Data Platform – CDP

Salesforce Genie is the recently announced Customer Data Platform (CDP) from Salesforce – the industry pioneer in CRM. It is considered to be Salesforce’s most incredible invention within the CRM industry by industry analysts. Salesforce Genie – also known to be the hyper-scale real-time data platform, powers the whole Salesforce customer 360 platform. 

Salesforce Genie Customer Data Platform

By using Salesforce Genie, any organization can transform its data to deliver the customer magic. The Genie enables seamless solution delivery and highly personalized customer experience across service, sales, commerce, and marketing sectors that are adapted to the changing customer information and their needs. 

According to Salesforce – Genie makes every part of the Customer 360 platform more automated, intelligent, and real-time. In this article, we will explain to you the Genie platform and its detailed insights.

What is Salesforce Genie?

It is estimated that a company normally manages hundreds of internal applications for its various operations. In turn, this collects crucial customer data, which is typically segregated in isolated areas. Poor customer experiences are a result of a significant gap in this data across multiple applications. Genie – the Salesforce’s latest innovation fills that gap. 

The Salesforce Genie platform is built to store large amounts of highly personalized and real-time data. Then, Salesforce transactional data is merged with Genie’s Data. Genie streamlines the data integration process seamlessly by pulling in data from all channels and including built-in connectors.

Features of Salesforce Genie Platform

  • It unifies data to create a real-time customer graph – The data is synchronized and transformed by Genie into live customer graphs. A unified customer profile record is the customer graph. Based on the Salesforce metadata model, Genie was created. Because of this, the customer graph is accessible from every app, each industrial solution, and the whole customer 360. Any company can use Genie to increase responsiveness and can offer dynamic responses by utilizing hyper-scale real-time data.
  • Partnership increases Genie’s Power – Through the use of safe and timely data processing between Salesforce and Partner Applications, Genie can immediately access the data which is stored in these apps. Therefore, this allows real-time customer360 views of the platform. There are more than 18 Genie partner applications available in the new AppExchange Genie Collection, which enables businesses to automate advertising, improve customer profiles, and boost the efficiency of real-time data with Salesforce.

How Salesforce Genie creates better experience on Customer 360 CRM platform

Now Customers can create magical experiences with Salesforce Genie across multiple Salesforce applications. Here are some of the examples of the magic that can be created using Salesforce Genie –

  1. Sales – During video and audio calls with consumers, each sales representative can get real-time guidance that helps them to adjust to the conversation and deliver personalized offers to the customers.
  2. Service – With real-time alerts that identify problems, allow agents to take action, engage the customer, and resolve the issue, every service representative from the contact center to the field can offer proactive service.
  3. Marketing – Every marketer will possess the ability to deliver personalized messages to numerous channels that change based on customer activity across various brand properties in real-time.
  4. Commerce – Every retailer will be able to create customized shopping experiences that respond to the actual customer behaviors such as abandoned shopping carts or actions performed on a website or mobile app.
  5. Platform – IT teams can create apps by using low-code tools that can leverage real-time data, such as to provide fraud detection or real-time economic data to determine benefits.
  6. MuleSoft – Real-time data from any modern or legacy system can be unlocked by any organization
  7. Tableau – Every business can monitor important KPIs at present to inform action across the board, which includes real-time purchase data for sales, real-time case spikes for service, and real-time web traffic for marketing.
  8. Slack – By providing teams with automated access to real-time data from any channel through intelligent workflows, leaders can increase their productivity levels right away.
  9. Healthcare & Life Sciences – Payer and Provider Organizations can connect their clinical and non-clinical data from various sources to produce real-time intelligent insights that can be utilized to develop automated journeys to improve patient outcomes.
  10. Financial Services – Financial advisors and bankers can help their customers to achieve their financial goals by providing the appropriate guidance at the right time.
  11. AppExchange – The AppExchange Genie Collection, which features 18 Genie partner apps and experts can help businesses to automate relevant advertising and enhance customer profiles.


Salesforce Genie is a great product that can help companies offer hyper real time personalized insights and actionable items. Through Genie Companies can connect data repositories and external services. Genie is not only a data integration invention but also enables data to flow more quickly and freely. Also, it allows all kinds of automation, particularly if the organization is determined to pair it with Einstein for machine learning and AI.

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