How to Use Debug Logs in Salesforce to Troubleshoot

This article will show you how you can use “Debug Logs” in to Troubleshoot?

What is Debug Log in

A debug log records data base operations, system process, and errors that occur when executing a transaction or while running unit tests. We can monitor specific users in Debug log by adding them to list of Monitored Users. [Read more…]

Displaying Total Number of Contacts for each Account in Salesforce

If you want to display the “Total Number of Contacts” for each “Account” in Salesforce on the Account page you can not use the Roll Up Summary field. The Roll Up Summary fields on contact are not supported on Accounts. We have used a Trigger on the contact object to  find the sum of the number of contacts which are there in an Account. [Read more…]

Apex and Visualforce syntax highlighting in Notepad++

If you prefer to write your Apex and Visualforce code outside or IDE – you may find tough time in finding the right code editor. I have not come across any other code editor that supports programming languages Apex and Visualforce.

Considering the fast growth of programmers working on Apex and Visualforce I am sure very soon we will have code editor programs supporting the Apex and Visualforce. [Read more…]

Use Formula Field IMAGE function to highlight process status in

Often customers want to highlight the status of process and alert  users to take corrective action before it is too late. There is nothing better than a visual field that gives you the process health – Red, Yellow or Green. This can be especially used to highlight the leads that are not acted upon or the opportunities that are stuck.

Use Formula Field IMAGE function to Highlight Process Status

Use Formula Fields to Highlight Process Status

[Read more…]