How to Use Debug Logs in Salesforce to Troubleshoot

This article will show you how you can use “Debug Logs” in to Troubleshoot?

What is Debug Log in

A debug log records data base operations, system process, and errors that occur when executing a transaction or while running unit tests. We can monitor specific users in Debug log by adding them to list of Monitored Users.

Add users to the debug log

Debug Log in Salesforce

Salesforce debug logs

Selecting User for Debug Log

What information is monitored by Debug Logs?

Debug log can contain information about

  • Database changes
  • HTTP callouts
  • Apex errors
  • Resources used by Apex
  • Automated workflow process, such as :
    • Workflow rules
    • Assignment rules
    • Approval processes
    • Validation rules

What are Debug log Filters in

When using a Developer Console or monitoring a debug log, you can specify the level of information that gets included in the log.

  • Log Category

The type of information logged, such as

    • Database
    • Workflow
    • Validation
    • Callout
    • Apex code
    • Visualforce
    • system
  • Log Level

The amount of information logged. Logging levels determine how much request information is saved in a debug log. You can specify the following log levels

    • ERROR
    • WARN
    • INFO
    • DEBUG
    • FINE
    • FINER
    • FINEST

Sample debug log in

Here us a sample of Debug log in SFDC

Debug Log in SFDC

Sample Debug Log

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