Effective Communication with Remote Developers and Teams

Effective Communication with Remote Developer Teams in IT ProjectsIf you executing a project with developers or teams working remotely you must have faced the communication issues. Whether the developer teams work off-site within your country or offshore in another country – the communication challenges are same. These challenges are even more critical in IT App development or other IT projects where a regular communication is like lifeline.

However, the landscape is changing with the advancement of communication technology, availability of talent across geographies, and opening global borders. The IT projects these days typically involve team located geographically apart. In a recent project that I worked – we had client team in USA, client’s users located in over fifteen countries across the world, the development team was located off-site within USA, support team was offshore in India, testing team was in Asia and Mexico, and two of the product vendors were located in South America and Ireland. It was amazing to see the teams located apart working coherently with a common objective. [Read more…]