Is distance / travel constraints stopping you from achieving better business results?

Are you happy with the with the way you are using technology to counter distance and travel constraints? Is distance or travel constraints stop your employees from achieving better business or sales results? Consider answering following six common issues business face today:

(1) Your employees spend too much time traveling for too small a business?
(2) Your organization miss a lot of opportunities as your sales team or employees are engaged elsewhere or they are traveling?
(3) Your customers complain that your sales team is not responding in time?
(4) Your sales team complains that they do not have tools or technology for catering to all the leads that they are getting?
(5) Your organization wastes a lot of money on Video conference or costly web conference solutions?
(6) Your employees are traveling for training when they can use technology to attend trainings?

If your answer to two or more of above questions is YES – your business  technology  is outdated and is stopping your employees from performing.

Now you can connect with customers and colleagues through real-time meetings, training sessions, and events using only a PC with an Internet connection. You do not need costly Video Conference solutions or Meeting Servers to get this technology for your small business. You must consider evaluating the Office Live Meeting a part of Enterprise Class Business Collaboration Solutions from Microsoft Online Services offered by Dhruvsoft. Dhruvsoft are a partner of Microsoft Online Services in India and offer Hosted Web Conferencing services in Hyderabad, India.

The technology enables you to give presentations and demo to your clients online, share applications, desktop, video, audio, record presentation and do a lot more. Where ever your clients are – reach them.

The typical features of a Hosted Web Conferencing service are as follows:

  • Web client support for remote attendee flexibility
  • Interactive application / desktop sharing and whiteboard tools
  • Active speaker video switching, multi-party video, and multi-party VoIP/ audio
  • Rich media presentations, native video conferencing, high-fidelity recording, and Web cam capabilities

About Live Meeting Online
Live Meeting Online are Hosted Web conferencing services from Microsoft. Office Live Meeting give your employees the power to collaborate wherever they are, to set up project meetings, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate on whiteboards without the cost and hassle of travel!

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