Are you Happy with your Business Email?

Are you happy with the email you use for your business? Is your email system stopping your employees from achieving their potential?

Consider answering following six common email issues business face today and evaluate if your Business Emails have kept pace with the time:

  1. Your ISP / HOST mail server is down frequently? Mails sent to you bounce frequently?
  2. Your emails are slow to download – send or receive? Your customers complain that they do not get mails from you?
  3. Your storage is very less? You are forced to download mails frequently to clear storage?
  4. You can not access your mails from everywhere – office, home, desktop, laptop or mobile devices?
  5. Your emails are not secure enough to send or receive confidential data?
  6. Your mailboxes are full of spam messages?

If your answer to two or more of above questions is YES – your business emails are outdated and stopping your employees from performing. You must consider evauluating the Enterprise Class Email solutions.

The following capabilities in business emails or enterprise class emails solutions -  these days are taken for granted and are a must have in any email solution:

  1. 99.9% availability backed by financial SLA – virtually no downtime.
  2. Fast access through a best in class server architecture
  3. 25 GB storage – no need to delete mails
  4. Access from anywhere from multiple devices – be it laptip, desktop or mobile devices
  5. Hosted emails from secure / reliable geo located data centers
  6. Spam free emails – spam free mails with world class spam filters
  7. Business continuity and archival solutions integrated

If you are evaluting business emails solutions for your business – you must consider evauluating the Enterprise Email solutions offered by Dhruvsoft in partnership with some of the leading companies in the world like Microsoft (Microsoft Online Services) andGoogle (Google Apps).

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