Summer 16 – Service Cloud New Features Service Cloud New in Summer 16The New Features of Service Cloud in Summer 16 include the enancements in Field Service, Console Changes, Social Customer services and some other minor changes. is now releasing most of the new improvements in Lightning version only and hence most of the new features are released only in Lightning.

Here are some of the major changes to Service Cloud in Summer 16 release:

Field Service Enhancements

Field service was released in previous version. Now additional features have been released for Field Service:

  • Knowledge articles can be added to Work Orders
  • Field Service Lightning is now GA. In this a dynamic scheduling console with smart scheduling capability based on technician skill level, travel time, location, and other service factors can be made
  • Milestones on Work Orders can be created which will help you link entitlements to work orders. (Available only in Lightning Experience)
  • Work Order Hierarchy can be created

Console Changes

  • New Console templates are launched – the companies can now have branded consoles.
  • The new “List Hovers” allow you to peed in the data in a row of a list view
  • Lightning components can be added in sidebars through Visualforce pages
  • Developers can now customize a console programmatically using the Salesforce Console API (Console Integration Toolkit)

Social Customer Service

  • Social Customer Service integrates with Radian6 and Social Studio to engage customers by responding to cases and leads created from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.
  • Get parent posts in social media
  • Users can send Easy Links for Twitter Direct Message Invitations and also can now send Survey Cards in Twitter Direct Messages

Changes to Salesforce Editions

Salesforce has come down to three editions – Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited. With this change more features of Service Cloud like Offline Connect, Contracts, Console and Limited Functionality of Entitlements is available with Professional Edition. Knowledge and Live Agent are now part of Unlimited Edition of Service Cloud.

If you are planning to evaluate these features released in service Cloud in Summer 16 release – you can connect with Dhruvsoft for a quick evaluation of your ORG. In a quick no obligation free one hour phone consultation we can provide you with a plan to use the new features.

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